Photograph the things you enjoy, learn from your mistakes, challenge yourself,  and share as much or as little as  you want.

Photography for me is not a pursuit of technical perfection, it's more about creating fantastic memories.

The perfect composition, perfect light, and the latest 'must have' equipment is all very interesting, but spend enough time around people who thrive on these topics and you will soon realise the majority of them don't actually shoot a lot of images.

Ignore the haters, if you (and only you) are disappointed with your results, reach out to fellow creatives for advice. There are some excellent resources on Youtube, social media and photo sharing websites, but be aware, a lot of these channels, even the people who specifically say they are not, are usually trying to get you to buy sponsored equipment.

Start with what you have, if someone is telling you you need to buy something else to achieve better results, question their motives!

Most of all don't become obsessed with equipment, become obsessed with creating memories.


Below are a small collection of sample images.


And Remember