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Two’s Company

These are Moeraki Boulders near Moeraki in New Zealand. Listed in the guidebooks as a must see tourist attraction. Our itinerary left us a few hours spare after an early evening meal in Oamaru we headed up the coast. When we arrived at the beach there was already a group of about twenty photographers […]

Crocs on the beach

On my photography page I say “Start with what you have, if someone is saying you need to buy something else to achieve better results, question their motives!” This statement is true for 2022, where nearly everyone has an extremely powerful image recorder in the form of the smart phone. Smart phones do still […]

Rocks in trees

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Pure Green

I always liked the UK comedy programme Blackadder. The larger than life characters that made up the show were well cast and although it is now sometimes described as ‘of its time’ some of the sketches still make me laugh today. One of the memorable ones was in the episode ‘Money’ where Lord Percy […]

Art of the Edit

As a child I was fortunate not only to meet, but also to receive a sculpting lesson from the potter Will Young. Will, had a pottery at Combe, near Buckfastleigh in Devon. He was self taught, focusing mainly on Devon characters which he sculpted in a style known as Runnaford or Pickwick Pottery. Along […]

The Sculptures Of All things Lost

What is art? The single glove, glasses and the car keys  we see so often on display within our urban and rural landscapes must surely qualify. Each item meticulously placed and each location carefully selected to draw and lead the casual observers gaze. I distinguish these items from the casually discarded sweater found on […]