Two’s Company

These are Moeraki Boulders near Moeraki in New Zealand. Listed in the guidebooks as a must see tourist attraction.

Our itinerary left us a few hours spare after an early evening meal in Oamaru we headed up the coast.

When we arrived at the beach there was already a group of about twenty photographers huddled in one spot, tripods locked in unison, waiting for the setting sun to get the ‘classic’ Moereki boulder shot.

We walked past, the chatter of camera settings filling the air. It never fails to amaze me how important camera setting sharing is to some people. This is one of the things that sets me apart from the ‘true’ photographers, I simply like seeing beautiful and / or interesting pictures, I couldn’t care-less what was used to capture them.

As we walked along the beach more photographers arrived, joining the throng. Apart from the assembled hoard and ourselves, the remainder of the beach had just 2 other people on it.

As we walked along the beach we discovered the results of someone else's creativeness, a couple of sand drawings that brought a smile to my face. I love finding these types of things, they are pure joy. As I walked I snapped a few images along the way and by the time we returned to the car park the beach was deserted.

In retrospect, do I regret not getting the ‘classic’ image? No, however I do wish I had taken a picture of the group of photographers as I think that would have made an interesting shot.

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