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Smiling makes the day go quicker

It was Jaz Delorean from the band ‘Tankus The Henge’ who sang the fantastic line “ Smiling makes the day go quicker” and who could disagree with him.

Every so often I stumble upon someone else’s creativeness and it simply brings a smile to my face. These art forms are often drawn out on pebbles or stones but occasionally they will be larger pieces. I have a love/hate relationship with Graffiti / Street art and as much as I love the non destructive work of artists such as ‘Invader’ or ‘Clet’,  the sprawl of tags we see in our urban environments leave me cold.

Admittedly if I found these smiling forms on every beach, or on every walk I took,  I’d probably find them tedious as well, but for me the old adage ‘what is seldom is wonderful’ still holds true.

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