Crocs on the beach

On my photography page I say "Start with what you have, if someone is saying you need to buy something else to achieve better results, question their motives!" This statement is true for 2022, where nearly everyone has an extremely powerful image recorder in the form of the smart phone. Smart phones do still have some limitations, although the technology is improving all the time. An example would be action shots which are not always easy to capture on a phone. By simply switching to video mode though you will usually capture a different format that will give you a long lasting memory. In 2001 I found myself at Australia Zoo armed only with a simple point and shoot film camera. The images I captured were poor, but even with these, the memories I captured were invaluable. The late Steve Irwin was a true showman, his enthusiasm for teaching about and protecting wildlife has inspired many. It's strange how some voices stick in your head. For example I now find it impossible to read J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings without hearing Sir Ian Mckellen's voice when I read the Gandalf parts. So it brought back some great memories when on a Monday evening at the beginning of May 2022, on a beach in the SW of England the voice of the late Mr Irwin suddenly popped into my mind, 'Crikey baby Crocs', as I spotted them discarded on the slipway...

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