The Sculptures Of All things Lost

What is art? The single glove, glasses and the car keys  we see so often on display within our urban and rural landscapes must surely qualify. Each item meticulously placed and each location carefully selected to draw and lead the casual observers gaze.

I distinguish these items from the casually discarded sweater found on our riverbanks during the summer months, or the hanging 'poo bags'  left by lazy dog walkers which blight our green spaces. However I also accept that in today's post modernist world, amongst the purveyors of conceptual art there will be those who will consider these items as well.

For me it is more than just the shape and form of these casual creations. I think about the stories that these items represent,  the owners panic on finding they are missing their car key, frantically unpacking and repacking their bags. The endless checking of pockets and the time spent retracing their steps in what eventually becomes a a futile search. 

How long do people search for these items, before in the case of a car key, contacting a friend or loved one for a lift or to arrange the delivery of the spare, and how difficult was it to acquire a 'phone signal' to achieve this?

What is the acceptable time frame to hold on to a single glove in the hope of reuniting it with its not so identical twin, before consigning it to the bin?

Do the owners ever get these items back?

There and many more questions that run through my head when I see these items. Maybe I'm alone, however I can't help but wonder.

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