Squatters rights

Jackdaws have decided to nest in our chimney this year. I had no idea that they did this, they started in late March.

I first became aware of them when I heard the sound of wings flapping, inside of our chimney and I thought at first a bird must have fallen in and got trapped.

As it turns out ‘Google’ is sometimes your friend, and chimney nesting is quite a common occurrence.

A quick look around the neighbourhood seems to confirm this, as I now notice for the first time, all the ornate Jackdaw proof chimney pots.

They wake up earlier than me, or at least they did. We now rise together, the sound of flapping wings as they position new material, acting as a natural alarm call.

For the past two weeks they have beenĀ  busy, the nest building now seems non-stop.

Occasionally as I potter in the garden, they will stare from their lofty roof top perch, before flying off in search of more supplies.

The chimney is currently unused, boarded up at the base and awaiting renovation work that has been delayed by the pandemic, so I wish them all the best and look forward to hearing their new arrivals.

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